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CS:GO Companion - CSGO App app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 832 ratings )
Utilities Reference
Developer: Morph Media
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.2, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 29 Dec 2014
App size: 22.09 Mb

CS:GO Companion helps you take your gameplay to the next level by helping you to make better decisions in-game or in training.

CS:GO Companion provides you with useful information such as a bomb timer, map call-outs, weapon info, spray patterns, economy information, and tactical nade tutorials.

- Bomb timer: Dont guess whether you have enough time to defuse. Let our bomb timer tell you. Tap anywhere on the screen to start the timer. Audible and visual cues help you keep track of the time remaining even when youre wearing headphones.

- Nade tutorials: Upgrade your skills by using CS:GO Companions nade tutorials. Take control of key points on the map by using well-placed smoke grenades, flashbangs, molotovs, and HE grenades.

- Map images with callouts: Communicate more effectively with your team. CS:GO Companion is loaded with images of maps that have labels for specific parts on the map.

- Weapon info with spray patterns: Keep missing that headshot? Check out every weapons specific recoil pattern so that you can tighten up your aim. Weapon information such as price, ammo capacity, and damage are also provided for your convenience.

- Travel times: Not sure if you can make it in time to defuse the bomb? Weve included a list of travel times (in seconds) from point to point on the map (ex. A Site to B Site)

Level up your game, download CS:GO Companion now.

What people are saying:

"5 out of 5"
"All pros here. No cons. With the most recent addition of nades to this app it is now leagues ahead of any other app on the market. The times between sites are great The bomb timer is great (when you remember to press screen) And the smokes are just awesome with how well they are organized between maps. Im a beginner to cs. Only really started a few months ago and now im learning all of these smokes. This app is worth every penny."
by Jayrodathome

Pros and cons of CS:GO Companion - CSGO App app for iPhone and iPad

CS:GO Companion - CSGO App app good for

Not bad at all but if we can have a french translation. That will be good :)
Realy good job guys , i love the design and the Map discriptions, the nate spots !BTW the vest feature is the BOMB timer its a nice idea! If you love CSGO this app is a must have!
Awesome app. Highly recommended to new players looking to improve.
This app helped me improve immensely. I learned the map call outs and useful nades. In 3 weeks I went from gold nova 1 to MG!
I was able to look at bullet spread and manage my compensation from this app, definitely recommending this to all my CSGO buddys
An all around awesome app to not only teach new comers, but people who have been playing CS for years. With regards to 35 second bomb timer in ESEA and CEVO and the newly implemented 40 seconds in Matchmaking you can adjust that in the settings which makes the app very customizable. With regards to the Nades they are very well done and gets right to the point, although some videos start too late and you cannot see a lineup point. The spray patten menu is awesome for use on the go and to learn the spray pattern for new guns. But I think it would be cool if you could drag your finger along with it to learn it. The app is very well designed and I can see a lot of effort put into it.

Some bad moments

The app offers some smokes and flashes that you can do on the various maps. Sadly these smokes are out of date and most cant be used on maps like cobble, mirage, etc. The app also offers spray controls that you dont really need. You can just download a map to teach you. The only thing it might be good for (for new players) is the bomb plant timer. Not worth the buy, but can see the effort put in.
Its worth the $2.99 you would pay. It has a really nice GUI and quick video menu.
I am in love with the app, however it displays incorrect data for some of the weapon stats. For example, the Desert Eagle accordingly has 20/120 ammo.
This app is one of the only apps that has csgo map call outs and the whole csgo works! ITS AMAZING!!
Title says it all, great app that includes more than I expected. Great work guys
I love this great app! But one thing that confuses me is the bomb timer. In competitive, the bomb timer says 30 seconds but the timer on the app also counts for the 5 seconds you have to get out of there. Please help

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