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All I need to strat during ranked games


Good appli

Not bad at all but if we can have a french translation. That will be good :)


Realy good job guys , i love the design and the Map discriptions, the nate spots !BTW the vest feature is the BOMB timer its a nice idea! If you love CSGO this app is a must have!


Please update the maps and smoke tutorials, for example the overpass map is from Nov.

The App is good but not actual

The App is very good, from all weapons is the control for the spray, but for example the armor penetration isnt up to date !!! Thats bad


Awesome app. Highly recommended to new players looking to improve.

Awesome app!

This app helped me improve immensely. I learned the map call outs and useful nades. In 3 weeks I went from gold nova 1 to MG!


All is precise in timing and fun spread


I was able to look at bullet spread and manage my compensation from this app, definitely recommending this to all my CSGO buddys


Will use I use it all the time

Out of date

The app offers some smokes and flashes that you can do on the various maps. Sadly these smokes are out of date and most cant be used on maps like cobble, mirage, etc. The app also offers spray controls that you dont really need. You can just download a map to teach you. The only thing it might be good for (for new players) is the bomb plant timer. Not worth the buy, but can see the effort put in.

Great app

An all around awesome app to not only teach new comers, but people who have been playing CS for years. With regards to 35 second bomb timer in ESEA and CEVO and the newly implemented 40 seconds in Matchmaking you can adjust that in the settings which makes the app very customizable. With regards to the Nades they are very well done and gets right to the point, although some videos start too late and you cannot see a lineup point. The spray patten menu is awesome for use on the go and to learn the spray pattern for new guns. But I think it would be cool if you could drag your finger along with it to learn it. The app is very well designed and I can see a lot of effort put into it.


Pretty useful but needs updates.

Good app

Im Russian, and i understand Eng, but, as for me, it would be better, if you will russifier your app





10/10 would use again

Amazing app cant wait to use it after my 7 day cooldown (lel) only thing I would ask is to keep more up to date on maps because Nuke has changed and from what Im hearing since inferno was moved to reserved map collection there could be an updated inferno map so yeah thats it. :D

I like it a lot for what it has but...

Its a great app but I really wish it had more maps. I was playing on the office map for competitive and I really wanted to know how long it took for the terrorists to get to CT spawn but it wasnt in the app.


This app makes things that would take 20mins+ happen in 2mins-

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Learn your call outs so you can get out of silver 5/5 stars

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